Barcelo Box

Barcelo Box

Poetry box by Diane Barceló

It is the silk that rustles
by Michael Bradford

it is the silk that rustles

not her thighs

you dream of them

flitting about

a gleaming burst of gold and copper flint

beneath a light sea of sheets

a light scent of rain

woven through the sweltering breeze

it is the silk that rustles

and gathers at her feet

in tiny waves

you see how they form,

gathering armies

marching across the terrain of her flesh

for the theatre of my desire

you see how it all disappears

into the crevice of her thighs

and is reborn

of course, you will remember

the moment you realize

a certain kind of death

is inevitable

Poem by Michael Bradford
Poetry box by Diane Barceló (b. 1957, Hartford, Connecticut, USA) received her B.F.A. from the Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC in 1982 and her MFA in sculpture from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1989.
Residencies include IPARK (East Haddam, Connecticut), the Banff Center for the Arts (Alberta, Canada), Byrdcliffe Artists Colony (Woodstock, NY), a foundry internship at Johnson Atelier (Trenton, New Jersey) and the Griffis Foundation (Sophia, Bulgaria). Awards include the 2006 sculpture fellowship from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. Her mixed media installations, works on paper and photography have been shown in galleries and museums in the United States such as the Mattatuck Museum, the University of Connecticut (Avery Point and Stamford Campuses), The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Mitchell College, Roanoke College and Rosemont College. Her work has been reviewed in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, The Washington Review, The Observer and The C-ville review. Diane Barcelo lives and works in New London, Connecticut., or