High Street Gallery


Poetry box by Sadie Davidson DeVore

The Butterfly Box, The Butterfly House
by Sadie Davidson DeVore

Pollen, nectar.
Purple flowers, yellow flowers
Minerals, salts,
Male to female sugars.

Energy, tree sap.
Anglewings, emperors,
Leafwings, wood nymphs.
Pink flowers, yellow flowers.
Fruits, birds, water puddling.

Sand patches, Butterfly bushes.
White flowers, blue flowers, red flowers.
Native plants and trees
Native birds and butterflies.

Feeding, sheltering
In the pines, elms, hops,
Nettles, willows
Warmth in the wood piles
Purple flowers, yellow flowers.

Imago, ecdysis stages
Pink flowers, yellow flowers
Mating day, Zebra
Chrysalis, removing
Emerging, not flying,
White flowers, blue flowers, red flowers.

Small Apollo, clouded
Apollo Mating
Left alone for the season
And the cycles’ reason.
Purple flowers, yellow flowers, pink flowers,
Yellow flowers, white flowers, blue flowers,
Red flowers,
All in the garden I promised you.

Poetry box and poem by Sadie Davidson DeVore, High Street Art Gallery/Studio, Mystic fine Art and Antiques, 137 High Street Mystic, Ct. 06355

Education: BS Missouri State, graduate school UMKC, University of Kansas, University of Arkansas, New York University. Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, MAT in drawing and painting Rhode Island College

Workshops, grants: Skidmore, Yale, Mystic art center, South County Art Association, Brooks Photography School, Wisconsin school of art, Monhegan painters, Stonington Painters, Stonington Printmaking Society, Savannah College of Art and Design