Haley Farm Box


Poetry box by Lili Kane, Michael Kane, and Syma Ebbin

The House
By Lili Kane

The house was yellow

like a bee gliding gracefully

caressing the flower petals,

not a thought in her mind.




Constant buzz


The house was blue like the sea


White froth builds up like a building

Brick by brick

Brick by brick



It means home

It means the heart

The sea welcomes you


The house was scarlet like blood

Fresh from war

Ripped from a heart

Bravery torn

Torn and replaced with fear

Blood does not show weakness

Blood shows bravery

Blood shows loyalty

Blood scattered

Blood hidden in the depths of your despair


The house was green like the moss

The moss that clings tightly

Never letting go

Loving until it can’t

Loving and clinging like no tomorrow

Green like Hope

Still trapped

Hope is still there

Still burning in our hearts

Still burning in our hearts

Still there waiting

And waiting

And waiting

Poem by Lili Kane a 10 year old and attends the Regional Multicultural Magnet School in New London as a fifth grader. Besides being an avid reader, she loves to write stories and poetry in her free time. The inspiration for the poem was a book she has recently read called The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan.

Poetry box: Michael, Lili and Syma collaborated on the creation of their poetry box which was located by the side of the pond at Haley Farm state park. Lili wrote the poem, Lili and Syma designed the box, Michael built it and Syma decorated it. Michael Kane is a master builder and craftsman who in addition to building new homes and remodeling old ones, builds furniture, much of it in the Shaker and Arts and Crafts styles. Syma Ebbin is a faculty member at the University of Connecticut where she teaches classes in marine and environmental science and policy. She works primarily with clay, creating functional ceramic pieces, mosaics and sculptures.