The New London Day Park


Poetry box by Alva Greenberg

Tethered Souls
by Alva Greenberg

Propped in cases no strings visible
the marionettes rest in silence.
Dressed and coiffed eyes wide open
their painted faces wait to reenact
the joys and sorrows which have
been scripted for them.
The scenes may change but their roles remain forever tethered to
the storylines of their creators.
Poor souls. Do they long, like Pinocchio
to find the magic which will give them life?
Standing before them I yearn to feel free.

Alva Greenberg moved to Connecticut in 1974 and began a long involvement with the city of New London as well as the lower Connecticut Valley.

She has served on the board of many local organizations including the Garde Arts Center, the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Child and Family Agency and the Pequot Foundation.

From 1974 to 1978 she was an owner/editor of The Gazette newspaper, a weekly paper based in Old Lyme.

After two decades of child rearing she reentered the work force by opening the ALVA GAllery, a contemporary art gallery, in downtown New London in 1997.

In addition to buying and renovating five buildings on State Street, she helped to start the Saturday Market and the New London Music Festival. She retired from her New London ventures in 2005, but continues to be an occasional writer/poet.