Recent Projects

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Participating partners have included:
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, Tubac Center of the Arts, Anza Trail Coalition, Block Island Poetry Project, The University of Missouri/St. Louis: Gallery 210, The University of Conn/Avery Point: The Alexey van ScAlexey von Schlippe Gallery of Art, Groton, Conn. The Mystic Arts Center, Mitchell College, Expressiones Cultural Cultural Center, New London, the Public Library of New London, Conn., ISSAC School, New London, Conn., The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Conn., Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association, Hope Valley RI, Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Smithfield Conservation Commission, Smithfield, RI, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI., Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown RI, The Smokebrush Gallery and Foundation, Colorado Springs, The University of Colorado/Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Library District, AUNE Head Arts, Dartington, United Kingdom.

St. Louis, Missouri

May 2- Aug 2, 2014   8 boxes

Gina Alvarez, Robert Goetz Box

St Louis

Buzz Spector Box

St Louis

Joe Chesla Sculpture

St Louis

St Louis Poetry Walk

St Louis

Treasure Sheilds Redmond poem

 Jennifer Goldring

Box by Jennifer Goldring

Artist and Poet, Sara Wallace

Artist and Poet, Sara Wallace

Bronwyn Voth sculpture

Poetry of the Wild catalog

Poetry of the Wild catalog PDF

New London, Connecticut

April 12 - Aug 26, 2012      16 boxes


Ocean Beach Park

Garde Art Center

Garde Art Center


Riverside Park

Greenberg Box

The New London Day Park


Mitchell College Beach

Library Box

New London Public Library Poetry Section

Orphanides Box

New London Public Library Entrance


Hygienic Arts Center Park

Gonzalez Box

Ocean Beach Park 2


Mystic, Connecticut

June 24 - Aug 28, 2013      11 boxes

Kane Box

Haley Farm


Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Store

Noank Library Box

Mystic-Noank Library

High Street Gallery Box

High Street Gallery

Book Store Box

Bank Square Bookstore


Mystic Seaport Box


Peace Sanctuary


Mystic Arts Center


Mystic Arts Center 2