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Poetry box by Carol Watson

Natural Belonging
by Carol A. Watson

Spirit of place is that force
that whispers out loud,
“Here I am.
See me.
Feel my pull.
Inhale deeply and know
my essence.”

It is the towheaded grasses
that sway and bow
brushed by earth’s exhalations,

ledge and stone
silent and enduring
illusions of permanence,

soft and yielding
cutting, swallowing

It is earth itself
damp and parched
fertile and fallow
consuming old life
yielding new.

Nature’s artistry,
minute and majestic
evokes a primeval satisfaction
insatiated hunger for more.

Nature’s wildness,
its spirit of place
envelopes me
seeps within.
I belong to it.
I am of it.

Poetry box and poem by Carol A. Watson, Artist/Poet, Bozrah, Connecticut. Self-taught and only beginning to do art while in my mid-40ʼs, my work is stylized, capturing the spirit or essence of my subject. I gravitate to collage and mixed media and instinctively work to communicate visually what moves me soulfully and what words seem inadequate in conveying. Horses and feathers, nature and texture, warm and neutral earth tones make me feel most grounded and are my predominant subjects. My work has been shown in galleries and shops in New England, Kentucky, and South Dakota.
A published writer, I began as a teenager to write poems and prose and later, a book about my mother and me after her unexpected death. Writing the book was a cathartic experience coupled with a way to memorialize her. Both my art and writing bear witness to my soul.