Going for a new walk

A new year and a new project begins, Poetry of the Wild goes to Newport Rhode Island this spring and summer. The first public presentation for Poetry of the Wild/Newport is scheduled for Jan. 26th at 6 pm at the Newport Public Library in Newport, RI. The project is sponsored by Salve Regina University but its all about community wide collaboration. If you're a poet, a poetry lover, a walker, a maker of things, interested in helping make the world more magical and meaningful, please come out and become involved.
I have a great deal of nostalgia about the Newport library, it provided my intellectual stimulation many summers ago, my first summer living away from home during college. I remember bringing stacks of poetry books home to my rented apartment and losing track of hours. I was already committed to being a visual artist, but poetry expanded my mind and powers of observation, it helped me compose my thoughts and emotions and make sense of my world.
Poetry taught me to really see- not just to observe. Now I no longer find poetry just in books, I see that it grows almost everywhere. Come take a walk with us through Newport, find the poetry boxes, write and respond in the journals, and see the town with new eyes. The installation will be up by the third week of April and stay up through the summer. If you want to become involved come to the library meeting on the 26th or get in touch: ana@earthinform.com