Tree Box

Poetry box as-Tree sculpture by Randall Paterson, poem by Alexander Waid, University of Connecticut, Avery-Point, Ct.

Poetry box by Randall Paterson

Raven Night Love
by Alexander Waid

Night sheltered us
in her raven wings
as we embraced
on the shore
with no more
walls to close us in
than the sea and the sky.
The world lapped us
a lullaby
and entranced us with a dance
of red fish in the sky.
We loved that night.
Waves rolled,
the tide came and went.
We left as blood drew the curtains
on the raven wings
that had held us safe.

Poem by Alexander Waid. Professor Waid completed his Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literature in 2000 at the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. He has taught at UNC-Chapel Hill, Carnegie Mellon University and currently teaches at the United States Coast Guard Academy, where he was hired to restart the then-defunct language program. His research areas include Cultural Studies and Film, Technology Enhanced Language Learning and U.S. Latino Poetry. He has published numerous poems and articles, presented at regional, national and international conferences and his latest book, a translation of Miguel de Unamuno's "Tres historias más" was published December, 2013. He is currently working on a book-length project which seeks to understand the philosophical and psychological underpinning of the Spanish Civil War through the lens of Don Quixote's madness as expressed by Miguel de Cervantes. Dr. Waid resides in Mystic with his wife and their two children. He can often be found running, hiking and biking through the local trails.
Poetry box by Randall Paterson.